About MTM

What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?
Medication therapy management (MTM) is a partnership of the pharmacist, the patient or their caregiver, and other health professionals that promotes safe and effective use of medications and helps patients achieve the targeted outcomes from medication therapy.
  • MTM utilizes pharmacists' knowledge-based and clinical skills to improve medication usage in patient care. MTM services vary based on practice area and can include formulary management, complex disease state management and medication therapy.
  • MTM was validated by its inclusion in the final regulations under the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003 in addition to the creation of Medicare prescription drug benefit. While Medicare Part D plans are required to provide MTM services to beneficiaries who meet certain requirements, many other individuals can benefit from MTM programs.
  • Medication therapy management provides an excellent opportunity for pharmacists to make the most of their clinical expertise and in the process, help patients.

Why is MTM Important?
MTM promotes the safe and effective use of medications and helps patients achieve the targeted outcomes from medication therapy. Time spent with your MTM pharmacist allows you to ask questions, such as: 
  • What is this medication for, and why am I taking it?
  • How do I take it? How long do I take it for?
  • What are the possible side effects? What do I do if I experience them?
  • Is this medicine safe to combine with other medicines or dietary supplements I am taking?
  • What food, drink or activities should I stay away from while taking this medicine?
  • How are my medications affecting my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol?

Who can get MTM services?
MTM is available to anyone who is concerned about their medicine use. Medication reviews are held at your local pharmacy or physician's office, and typically take only 30 minutes to complete.

What happens during an MTM review?
Your MTM pharmacist will talk to you about your health care and treatment plan. Your MTM pharmacist will also work with you to ensure that:
  • you are taking only the medications you need.
  • you are taking the correct amount of each medicine, and taking them at the correct time.
  • your medicines are not interacting with one another.
  • your vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter products are safe and effective.
  • you are not spending too much on medications.

Can I afford MTM services?
MTM services are available to everyone. Some insurance plans may cover this service with a co-payment, just like your physician office visits.