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MTM Resources
    Well Street is now offering an educational MTM resource manual, including:

    1. A self-study module that contains clinical care guidelines for asthma, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia
    2. Sample documentation forms
    3. Automated slide presentations covering the medication therapy management process in the step-by-step manner listed at the right.
    4. A self-assessment tool to ensure comprehension of the materials
    This manual also includes an application to request 10 hours of home study continuing 
    education credits. Credits will be awarded for successful completion and evaluation of the 
    educational modules and self-study materials.

    Order this manual online or print an order form.

    Additional Resources:
    • Medicare Part D Contact Information
      View medication therapy management personal contact information for plans across the United States.
    • MTM Definition & Program Criteria
      This documents the pharmacy profession’s consensus definition of medication therapy management, approved by 11 national pharmacy organizations.
    • Core Elements of an MTM Service: MTM in Community Pharmacy Practice
      This resource provides a model framework for implementing effective MTM services in a community pharmacy setting. This model describes core elements of MTM services that can be provided by pharmacists across the spectrum of community pharmacy.
    • MTMS: A Critical Review
      This document identifies existing MTMS standards of practice and develops an illustrative model for payers to consider in evaluating the compensation of pharmacists for MTMs.

    MTM Quality Assurance Resources
    • MPRO: Michigan Medicare Quality Improvement Organization
      This organization provides information on its website for health care professionals in regards to beneficiary protection, patient safety and prevention.
    • Pharmacy Quality Alliance
      This organization seeks to improve health care quality and patient safety through a collaborative process.
    • Pharmacy Quality Commitment Program
      PQC is a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program that supports you in responding to issues with provider network contracts, Medicare Part D requirements under federal law and mandates for CQI programs under state law. 

    MTM Pharmacy Documentation Systems
    • MIRIXA (CCRx MTM Program)
      Mirixa's online technologies assist network pharmacies to help their patients successfully start new medications, adhere to treatment plans, manage treatment-related challenges and become aware of appropriate clinical trials.
    • Humana MTM Program
      Humana offers an MTM program to its members through monthly personalized mailings and consultations face-to-face or by telephone with a health professional. 

    MTM Billing References
    MTM Billing Codes—New CPT Codes for Pharmacists
    National Provider Identification (NPI) Number
    The National Provider Identification (NPI) number will be the single provider identifier, replacing the different provider identifiers, such as the NCPDP number, currently in use for each health plan. Obtaining an NPI number is required under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) since May 23, 2007. The NPI number is required for pharmacists who wish to bill for MTM services with third parties, as well as for pharmacies.
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